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 002 / 2020 


We are an architectural experience consultancy designing new solutions for the physical world. 


Each office project develops an individualized design lexicon born of the organization's particular structure and ethos.

Conducting user research, creating block plans, 3d modeling custom elements, communicating with fabricators; we will lead design with an AOR overseeing construction drawings and management.

We function as a creative director and client emissary to grow the environment most appropriate to your company's culture.


Notions of "home" were already in flux before the novel coronavirus, but suddenly the harmonious blending of work and home we imagined for a rarified class of digital nomad became something everyone needed.

If you aren't bound to any particular locale by work, where exactly is home? And what does it look like?

We've spent two years investigating these concepts, now is the time to build this future.

Creative Processing

65 percent of us are visual thinkers, yet the majority of business communication is text-based. Which means incredibly expensive decisions are made with white-papers as the only tool of understanding.

Creative Processing is the creation of new graphic content folded into the development of strategy and planning documents. Our work takes the form of decks, including diagrams and illustrations informed by observations, intuition, and research.

Think of it as the storyboard to your script.



We believe the future of physical space is rich and rewarding, interested?

Original Reality Group  ︎  San Francisco, CA